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03-17-2019 Re-Release of The Tim Morgan Project “Girl Without Dimension’

2010 –  don’t U wish U knew?

In 2008, Tim began working again on another Tim Morgan Project effort.  These were a collection of songs that he had been working on while he was also working on his solo efforts, that did not fit in with those projects.  The album says that it was released in 2008, but it was not officially released until 2010.  (there are also new versions of these songs as well.  click on their links below to listen)

Track List:

  1. don’t U wish U knew?     don’t you wish you knew? (new version)    
  2. this ain’t no love song
  3. i don’t know no skynard     no skynard (new version)
  4. why?
  5. U’ve got it goin’ on
  6. resistance is fUtile
  7. lonely in heaven
  8. lUv lUv
  9. i jUst want to dance
  10. cloUds on a sunny day
  11. can i?

Tim is back to doing solo projects now, so The Tim Morgan Project is on hiatus until further notice…

 2004-2008 – Release of solo albums from Tim Malugin

During this time, Tim released two solo albums called “Rescue” & “Leave a Piece 4 Me”  More information about this can be found at the following site Tim Malugin’s Music 

2003 – Life After the Iguana Tree  (date released – 02/02/2003)

This album was Tim’s first attempt to release a album of music done by him alone.  Tim Malugin is The Tim Morgan Project now, and he had learned to play guitar in order to write and continue to do music.  This album is almost exclusively acoustic except on a couple of the songs, but for the most part this CD was done by Tim alone.  One day he hopes to re-release this album with tracks redone with a full music score but for now, this version is all that is available.  (the list below reflects new redone tracks and new songs will be added when completed.  to purchase these tracks, visit iTunes, Amazon or any other download site you wish)

The track list is as follows:

  1. Crumble & Fall        Crumble & Fall (new version)
  2. Love on the Internet
  3. Pentium
  4. One More Yesterday
  5. Forever Silent
  6. Pre-Thought
  7. Reflections (Cry for Freedom) [Music by Allen Haynes]
  8. Girl of Your Dreams      Girl of Your Dreams (new version)
  9. Poor Lonely Boy     Comin’ for Me (song re-written to this version)
  10. The Wall [Guitar by Wesley BrockThe Wall (new version)
  11. The Move

The album is available here in mp3 format.

 2002 – Unreleased“Unreleased”

In 2002 Tim took a break from recording and decide to release some songs that he had worked on in the past with Southern Storm, The Tim Morgan Project as well as some with friends.  The CD was an only release and was only available for a limited time.

Track List:

    1. Baby’s Blues (recorded live @ the Campus Pub  with Austin Van Arsdale)
    1. Death (demo version Southern Storm track)
    1. Storm 96 (TV show version Southern Storm track)
    1. Always be There (Call On Your Friends(from The Red Moon Jam ’96)
    1. But I’m Taken  (demo version Southern Storm track)
    1. My Sweet Bethany  (slow acoustic version)
    1. Beef Jerky Slurpee (unreleased Tim Morgan Project track)
    1. Wasteland (unreleased Tim Morgan Project track)
    1. Splendid (unreleased Tim Morgan Project track)
    1. (I’ll Die) A Million Tymes (unreleased Shift track)
  1. Heaven & Hell  (unreleased Southern Storm/Gideon VI track)

2001 – “2000 & Beyond”  (date released – 06/04/2001)

The beginning of 2001 saw Tim hosting Open Mic Night @ the Campus Pub. He was meeting musicians and having a blast, and the “2000 & Beyond” CD was on the back shelf. At the beginning of May, the Campus Pub thing came to an end and Tim wanted to complete what he had intended to complete in 2000. He asked one of the guys he met at the Campus Pub; Phil Jackson, to put some lead guitar tracks to some songs that were in the can from former endeavors.  This yielded 3 more songs for the CD, “Cryin’ Tyme“, “Wasting Away“, and “Déjà Vu“. Tim also dusted off “God & Child“, and “Grape On The Vine” and on June 4th, 2001 “2000 & Beyond” was officially released.

Track List:

Every Moment

God & Child

Cryin’ Tyme

My Sweet Bethany

Watch My Sweet Bethany Video Here!

Just A Little Too Hard

Grape On The Vine

Wasting Away

Take It Away

Watch Take It Away Video Here!

Déjà Vu

One True Friend

The album is available here in mp3 format with bonus tracks or the single tracks are available by clicking on the links above.

2000 – Working on a new CD

The year 2000 saw no Y2K cataclysm, and it did not see “2000 & Beyond” either.  Although Tim worked with several of his friends that he had worked with in the past on some of the titles that would be included on that CD, by the end of the year it was in no way completed.  One of the songs worked on was “Every Moment”, which was a song that was created by Shift2.

Tim did however release a cd entitled simply The Tim Morgan Project.  It had 4 tracks on it and was a mixture of songs from all his musical endeavors.  They were:  : 1.  Down, So Down (from Southern Storm), 2. Simple But True (from The Tim Morgan Project), 3.  Cryin’ Tyme (from Shift2) and Time On My Hands (alternate keyboard version before unreleased)

1999 – Shift2 & more

Tim had been in the band Southern Storm from ’95 – ’98  and hooked up with fellow Southern Storm players Julio, Jeremy, and Troy and formed Shift2.  This band never got out of the practice room and dissolved in mid ’99.  There was a EP put out on called simply The Tim Morgan Project.  Tim decided to work on a new solo project.  He was going to call it “Ma Luge In”, but decided instead to use the name that he had one solo CD with already; The Tim Morgan Project.  The project was slated to begin in the year 2000 and the plan was to finish it by the end of 2000.  That is why he chose the name, “2000 & Beyond”.

1998 Does the band continue …

In January of 1998, Southern Storm recorded their Live CD “40 Days & 40 Nites” ,and soon after that, Tim left the band to concentrate solely on The Tim Morgan Project.  After finishing the CD “Simple But True”, efforts were made to put a band together to play live venues.  There were a few tryouts and some people joined and left.  Dakota James (a.k.a. Troy Banks from Southern Storm) played some guitar and a couple of songs were recorded, but he decided not to stay with the band.  Neil Vance joined the band and was the bass player.  Dan Dever, (René) hooked back up with the guys for another try, but at the first live performance there were a few mix ups and the band did not play.  It was at this time that the members decided to call it quits.

1997 – Simple But True
In the summer of ’97, what started out as a couple of guys jamming into the late hours of the night turned into The Tim Morgan Project. With the addition of Rene (who left the band before the Projects completion) the band was complete, and they soon realized that the music they were working on was becoming more than they had ever dreamed it would. After some hard times and true test of character they slowly built a studio in Evan’s garage and began to get serious, planning and recording their first CD, “Simple But True“.

This CD was a ‘cool’ection of lyrical and musical efforts drawn from the life, times, struggles and triumphs of the band. Each cut is clearly unique, powerful, and effective.

Track list:

Down The Road

Sheila Brown

Tommy Stack

Watch Tommy Stack Video Here!

Been Set Free

The Laugher

Girl Without Dimention

Time On My Hands

Running Away


Simple But True Hidden Track: Dan’s Song

The full album in mp3 format (including bonus tracks) can be purchased here.

1996 – It all gets started…

The birth of The Tim Morgan Project was as insignificant as a walk across the street. Back in the Fall of ’96, Tim crossed from his small log cabin in the heart of Tennessee to the shack of his friend Evan (A.K.A. Greg Mensching). Tim wanted to inquire about his friends’ assistance in putting some of his lyrics to light in the form of real and original music.  There was jamming and brainstorming and out of this came an idea!  After some performing and some recording & (with some fun stuff added in) on one of the tracks there was some live audience sound added with an introduction.  The third member, Canada (A.K.A. James Butler) was from Decatur, Alabama originally and when he made the introduction, he mistakenly said instead of “Introducing… Tim Malugin”  he said, “Introducing… Tim Morgan” who was the local DA in Decatur.  We like the sound of it so we all took on A.K.A.’s and The Tim Morgan Project was born.  The rough tracks and demos are available here.

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